Yamazaki Magnetic Kitchen Rack for Small Spaces Review

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Many small space solutions aren’t from me—and this is coming from a guy who lives in Brooklyn and will take all the space he can get. It’s not that I’m against space-saving ideas—it’s more that when we can do better than the ones we have. A small space solution that is successful shouldn’t sacrifice aesthetic and functionality for the space that it ultimately saves. This is my favorite space-saving solution and I’m pretty certain I’d use it even if I had all the space in the world.

It’s not an overstatement to say that the Yamazaki Kitchen Rack has transformed my kitchen. Whereas I used to have a paper towel holder, racks for my cooking utensils, designated areas for spices and oils, now they all fit perfectly into this one organization tool. There is a piece in the middle designed to hold a roll of paper towels elegantly, so all you have to do is rip one off when you need one. Up top there is a boxed-in area perfect for longer objects like olive oil, salt, spices, and even a pepper grinder. On the bottom there are hooks, perfect for spatulas, ladles, oven mitts, or anything else that can be hung. But the best part is it’s all magnetic. This is great for me, as it fits perfectly on the side of my fridge, which is where my prep area happens to be. But if you can’t utilize the side of your fridge in the same way, don’t fret. It comes with nails and is quite easy to hang elsewhere, too.

In short, this is the best organization tool I have in my kitchen. So much so that when I move to a larger space (hopefully), I’m planning on bringing it. It doesn’t feel like a small space solution after all. Instead, it just feels like something that was meant to be.

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