Vacation Classic Whip SPF 30 Sunscreen 2023

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Touted as the best-smelling sunscreen of all time, Vacation’s nostalgic ’80s-inspired aesthetic is just innovative formulas. In keeping with the brand’s retr0-luxe vibes (not to mention making sunscreen actually fun), the brand’s newest launch is a whipped cream-inspired sunscreen that looks good enough to eat (but don’t!). The bottle—or can, rather—is designed with an authentic “tilt valve” actuator, so the sunscreen truly does dispense looking and feeling like real whipped cream. The dispenser even emulates that “whooshing” noise you hear when topping your latte. It’s literally dessert for your skin. The TikTok-viral SPF has been sold out for months, but the brand finally re-stocked the beloved formula (to a 1,000+ waitlist!).

Nostalgic design and swoon-inducing packaging aside, the actual formula of Whipped Classic SPF 30 is also downright yummy. The “lighter than air” formula (think shaving cream textured puffs) is perfect for those who are acne-prone or simply hate the greasy feeling and residual odor that many sunscreens leave behind. The broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen mousse was also formulated with eco-friendly ingredients, including non-ozone depleting Solstice® Propellant—which also helped achieve the formula’s whipped-cream-like texture. This reef-safe, vegan formula is made with skin pampering ingredients like coconut oil and banana extract, rounding out the dessert experience, without the calories

Vacation Classic Whip SPF 30 Sunscreen

You deserve a little treat.

Vacation’s Classic Whip SPF 30 is now available to shop once again, but given its popularity, if you want to get your hands on a can, we suggest acting fast before it sells out (again).

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