Three Arrested After Dead Woman Found With Digits in a Bag

Three people are in custody after the apparent sacrificial murder of a 36-year-old woman in Texas. Sarah Hopson was found in her apartment last Sunday night with her fingers, toes, and ears in a plastic freezer bag placed between her legs, according to an indictment by the Shelby County Sheriff.

Ethan Myers, 26, initially fled and was arrested Thursday. He has been charged with her murder and evading arrest. Allen Price and Teresa Louviere were also arrested, charged with fabricating evidence with the intent to impair a human corpse.

Police found Hopson’s body after Price and Louviere—with whom Myers was staying—reported that he had come home covered in blood and was involved in “cult” activity, according to the police report cited by the Law & Order website.

Myers’ mother, who has not been named, separately went to the Shelby Sheriff’s office to report that her son—whom she described as “satanic” and who regularly hears voices—had told her that Hopson asked to be “sacrificed,” according to the police report. Myers’ mother, who ultimately told police her son was hiding in a nearby woodland, said her son was only doing what Hopson wanted.

Detectives found Hopson’s body rolled up in a swath of carpet in the middle of a bedroom that had been freshly painted. Police also found cleaning supplies, plastic bags, a shovel, gasoline, a hammer, and a large rock that was used to fatally bash in Hopson’s head, according to the autopsy report cited by police.

Myers reportedly adhered to teachings of the Church of Satan, which says on its website that Satan is a symbol of “pride, liberty and individualism” and is not intended to incite violence.

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