Thigh Society Anti-Chafing Shorts Review 2023

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Let me just start by saying that I have a lot of thigh and butt sweat going on. And no, I’m not just talking about hot and humid summer days; I’m a serial sweater year-round, but summer is just especially moist and musty. As a cyclist, I have pretty strong, fit legs, but I’ve never been able to get rid of my inner thigh chub, meaning my thighs sweat and chafe, and if gone unchecked, I eventually wind up with painful red bumps that discourage me from wearing skirts and dresses.

Theoretically, skirts and dresses are supposed to keep you cool by allowing unrestricted airflow to your nether regions, but this works if and only if one’s thick thighs aren’t rubbing together so vigorously that they generate alternative-source-of-energy-level steam heat.

Anyway, I finally found a solution. While I was leading a tour in hot-ass Jordan this April, one of my trip participants, Denise, gave me a pair of her Thigh Society anti-chafing shorts because she knew I was heading on to Egypt’s even hotter Sinai peninsula for a few more weeks. Was she simply showing solidarity with her fellow woman or had she finally gotten sick of seeing (and smelling?) my butt sweat?

Up until the point when Denise gave me the shorts, I had been carrying around a couple of skirts in my luggage for two weeks, unwilling to risk the thigh chafing I knew would accompany them. As soon as I put on the anti-chafing shorts, I immediately knew they’d be a game changer. In fact, I began hand washing them nearly every night so I could wear them over and over with my skirts.

Thigh Society Anti-Chafing Shorts

The cleverly-named Thigh Society makes four different types of anti-chafing shorts: the original short (which are velvety and opaque enough to be worn on their own), the cotton short (ultra-soft but a bit too heavy for high heat), the cooling short (silky-thin, moisture-wicking fabric that’s said to keep you a few degrees cooler), and the staple short (the softest of the bunch and also very cooling but less-sheer than the cooling).

In addition to the four style categories, the shorts are available in four different lengths and seven sizes that can accommodate US sizes 2 to 34. Incredible! The shorter lengths offer hidden protection under skirts and dresses, while the longer lengths are visible under skirts and shorts—though they can also be worn alone since they are more opaque.

Thigh Society’s “when to wear” page gives some ideas for how to use the shorts, such as while exercising, while pregnant, or as a visible base layer under a cute dress. Their short quiz helps you identify which type of shorts would work best based on the sort of coverage you want and how you plan to use them (under clothes, while biking, sleeping, practicing yoga, under clothes, or on their own, etc.). Personally, I prefer the 5-inch and 7-inch cooling and staple shorts but my nurse sister, who also wears them to work under her scrubs, prefers the longer ones since she wants the anti-chafing protection to extend closer to her knees.

These anti-chafing shorts by Thigh Society are a serious game changer for those of us blessed with full thighs. I’m confident you’ll want to wear them all the time so unless you feel like washing them every single day, do yourself a favor and order a few pairs.


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