The Real Reason Kevin McCarthy Put George Santos on the Science Committee

If the news that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy put Rep. George Santos (R-NY) on the Committee of Science made you laugh, and then cry, you aren’t alone.

That was also the reaction of Danielle Moodie, co-host of The Daily Beast’s The New Abnormal politics podcast, when she heard the news. First, she tells co-host Andy Levy that she laughed when she saw all the tweets making fun of Santos, who has been caught in a few inconsistencies, from his address to his name, to say the least. Then, reality hit.

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“I laughed so very hard. And then I thought, ‘Oh my God, this man is going to be on the Science Committee.’ Like, do we not realize how critical science is to where we are currently? We’ve had a global health pandemic, we have a climate change crisis, we have all of these things that are happening in the world that, you know, come back to this really important field. But let’s put on Scooby-Doo!” she tells Andy on this episode of the show.

“OK, you just named two things that Republicans don’t believe in,” jokes Andy.

But he has a theory.

“This is Kevin McCarthy showing exactly what he thinks of science and what he thinks of this science committee. It’s like, well yeah, throw George Santos on there. We don’t really need that committee anyway. There are definitely no scientific problems threatening the entire planet. It all checks out if you look at it from that perspective. It makes perfect sense,” he adds. “I also love that he’s on like the small business committee, too, which… just change the name to the Small Grifters Committee.”

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