Silk Suggests New Theory on Diamond’s Death During Bizarre Return to Show

Making her solo comeback on the show without the sister who helped launch their Trumpworld career, Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, of the pro-Trump duo ‘Diamond and Silk,’ floated a new theory about why her sidekick Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway died: A bioweapon was released in the air.

The Wednesday night show took multiple turns as Silk proclaimed that she was back, bigger and bolder than ever, while scolding supporters over sending in audition tapes and criticizing Lisa Marie Presley’s funeral for “copycatting” her sister’s memorial service. (“What’s this lady’s name? Marie Presley? Lisa Marie Presley?”)

But first, Silk launched into Diamond’s death, who, according to her death certificate, died of heart disease Jan. 8 at the age of 51. During the show, Silk brought a pair of her sister’s high heels, showed them to the camera and declared: “I am not here to try and fill my sister’s shoes. I’m not going to try to be like my sister, act like my sister, all I’m going to do is be myself: Silk.”

“I know that this all really seems strange, but can’t nothing change if things remain the same,” Silk said. “You’re used to seeing me with Diamond and hell, I’m used to seeing me with Diamond. You’re used to her talking, while I’m sitting back and saying ‘mmhmm, that’s right.’

Silk described the death of her sister as “God’s plan,” but “suddenly and unexpected.” Hardaway was “happy” before her death and “it just happened suddenly,” she said, before moving to her theories surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine and bioweapons.

Silk said she was “unable to say directly to you if my sister was vaxxed or not”…citing “legal purposes.” Instead, she posed a question; “If you knew that the vaccine, the thing that they call a vaccine, was a bio weapon, would you take it?”

“Are we being poisoned through the air?” Silk said. “On the last show that Diamond was on, she was concerned about something being sprayed in the air. And I agreed with her; it was something being sprayed in the air, and now my sister is dead today.”

As The Daily Beast previously reported, following Diamond’s death, the far-right became obsessed with the idea of a mysterious airborne attack because, in one of her final episodes, the pundit said she smelled something in the air. Except, there remains one central hole in such a theory: Silk is still alive and was seated next to Diamond during the episode in question.

Ahead of claiming a biological weapon might be to blame on Wednesday evening, Silk had previously suggested Diamond’s death was due to “poisoning” caused by COVID-19 vaccine “shedding,” which is unsubstantiated anti-vaxxer conjecture that alleges those who receive the vaccine spread live particles of the virus. However, that is false, as the CDC has said, “None of the vaccines authorized for use in the U.S. contain a live virus.”

Diamond and Silk’s executive director Tressie Ham didn’t return The Daily Beast’s request for comment Wednesday evening, and Silk couldn’t be reached.

The ardently pro-Trump pundit then told her followers that she was going to do “house cleaning” and address a slew of their concerns sent in over the weeks that followed Diamond’s death.

“Do not email me talking about me changing the name of the show,” she instructed her followers while stating the name would stay the same. “Diamond might not be here in the flesh, but she is here in spirit,” she added as a framed portrait of her sister sat next to her.

Silk doesn’t plan to change the show’s name, she said, because when Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders passed away, the fast-food restaurant didn’t change its name. “They didn’t change the name from Kentucky Fried Chicken, did they? They might have added some ingredients, made some crispy chicken, but guess what? You still eating the Kentucky Fried Chicken, from Kentucky Fried Chicken!” she added.

Then Silk demanded that fans suspend the emails about new co-hosts.

“Listen, Diamond can not be replaced. We [are] not going to try to replace Diamond,” she said. “So please don’t write me with your list of recommended individuals that you want to take and sit beside me as my co-host. That’s not going to work here!”

Apparently, audition tapes were sent to Silk too, which she didn’t appreciate.

“Do not send in any audition tapes or audition CDs, or whatever you want to call it, videos talking about, ‘Okay, I want to be your co-host.’ Alright?!”

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