‘Sex Before the Internet’ Trailer Shows What Life Was Like Before OnlyFans

“We’ve all got some horny little secret,” former phone sex operator Noah Brand says with a knowing grin in the trailer for Sex Before the Internet”—and the upcoming VICE TV docuseries is here to share a few of them.

The eight-episode docuseries from former ABC News president James Goldston and VICE TV promises to plunge viewers deep (so deep) into the X-rated history of adult entertainment—before online platforms like Pornhub and OnlyFans. “This was a time when X-rated magazines, VHS tapes and 1-900 numbers allowed people to get in touch with what touched them,” a description for the series states.

According to Deadline, Sex Before the Internet will explore gender and racial dynamics within the industry at the time, as well as the stigma against being LGBTQ+. “In those pre-internet days, acceptance was even harder for transgender people like Buck Angel, who will take viewers on his journey from drug addiction and sex work to becoming an award winning porn actor in the early 90’s.”

Adult entertainment legends Ginger Lynn, Sean Michaels, Christy Canyon, and Herschel Savage provide commentary in the trailer, along with phone fantasy artist Madame Mina and others. The series re-examines the industry through a contemporary lens, looking back on how the world’s greatest pop culture moments influenced mainstream sex.

Sex Before the Internet premieres on Tuesday, January 10, at 10 PM.

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