Seth Meyers Mocks Donald Trump for Getting Snubbed by Fox News During 2024 Announcement

Seth Meyers’ big takeaway from Donald Trump’s 2024 announcement Tuesday night is that “if nothing else” his speech was “super boring.”

“Even Fox News cut away from it at some point while Trump was rambling about former German Chancellor Angela Merkel or I don’t know, something,” the Late Night host said, sharing the clip of Sean Hannity cutting into the network’s live coverage of the Mar-a-Lago event long before Trump was done speaking.

“Even Hannity cut away from him!” Meyers reiterated. “That’s like the National Zoo cutting away from their live panda-cam.” He added that if Trump “can’t even get Fox News to carry his speech all the way to the end, that’s a bad sign,” comparing it to the Oscars telecast going to wide shot after “something super bad just happened.”

And yet, despite not showing his speech in its entirety, there were still Fox pundits willing to praise it live while it was still happening. “If the speech is so great, then why aren’t you airing it?” Meyers asked.

As for Trump’s decision to launch his 2024 campaign in 2022, the host told him, “You don’t get to do this! You don’t get to start campaigning two years before the next election, one week after the last election and three months before what I’m assuming is one solitary old woman finishing counting the votes in Maricopa County.”

“Sorry, but I think I speak on behalf of sane people everywhere when I say we’re done with this shit,” Meyers added. “We’re not doing 2016 all over again. No more shots of empty podiums, no more hour-long phone interviews where he gets to lie unchallenged, no more breathlessly reading every single deranged statement he farts out on social media.”

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