Prince Andrew Accuser Virginia Giuffre Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal to Write Memoir

Virginia Giuffre has reportedly signed a multi-million dollar deal to publish her memoir, as a one-year gag order that formed part of her settlement with Prince Andrew is about to expire.

The New York Post reported that Giuffre would be unlikely to repeat directly her allegations about Prince Andrew, who paid her a reputed $14 million to settle a civil sex abuse lawsuit in which she accused Andrew of raping her three times. However, she is likely talk in detail about her ordeal as Jeffrey Epstein’s teenage sex slave.

The New York Post, citing “multiple sources,” said the deal was “believed to be worth millions,” though the report did not say which publisher was set to release the book, or when.

Ghislaine Maxwell said in a new interview this week that she believed a famous photo of Andrew with his arm slung around Giuffre’s bare midriff when she was only 17 was fake. Journalist Daphne Barak, who conducted the jailhouse interview with the Epstein co-conspirator, said Andrew was mulling a bid to overturn the settlement.

Most legal observers have said, however, that to attempt such a move would suggest Andrew is unmoored from reality and would not succeed.

But confirmation that a Giuffre memoir is in the works might offer an explanation for Andrew’s sudden purported interest in attempting to overturn the 2022 settlement.

As Nigel Cawthorne, a biographer of Prince Andrew who wrote the book Prince Andrew: Epstein, Maxwell and the Palace yesterday told The Daily Beast, “the real motivation” for Andrew once again questioning the photograph of him and Giuffre could be “to discredit Virginia ahead of the gagging order on her expiring next month.” He said, “They may be getting their retaliation in first.”

As The Daily Beast reported, interviewer Daphne Barak told Talk TV’s Jeremy Kyle show, which carried her interview with Maxwell: “I am very close to the most close people to [Andrew]…There is a feeling right now that he settled too quickly, he might have misunderstood that when he gave up the titles that they would not be given back to him. It’s a tough reality for him. It is something that is being considered legally right now, that is something I can definitely confirm.”

Andrew was said to have been encouraged in his efforts to reopen the case after Giuffre recently dropped a lawsuit alleging sexual assault by lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Although Giuffre is unlikely to be able to write about Andrew, publication of her memoir would be an unwelcome reminder of Andrew’s unsavory past connection with Epstein as King Charles prepares for his coronation on May 6.

Maxwell is serving a 20 year sentence for her role in sex trafficking young women and girls. Jeffrey Epstein died of suicide in a New York jail cell in August 2019, an incident that has fueled multiple conspiracy theories.

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