Microsoft Office Suite Sale — Lifetime Deals for $25 2022

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Having a suite of office programs and tools on your computer is a basic necessity for nearly everything going on today. Whether for business or school or simply wanting to keep your own life organized, it is simply impossible to operate without having the right office programs on your computer or laptop. However, with most Microsoft Office programs now requiring an annual subscription to use or with heavy upfront costs, the price of actually having a functional office suite is growing significantly. This has legitimately kept me from buying the newer versions of the Microsoft Office Suite on some of my devices.

Today through Citizen Goods, you can buy the entire 2021 Microsoft Office Professional Suite starting at $25. This is markedly cheaper than the normal listed price of $350. Plus, this is not a subscription-based plan that requires monthly payments, but instead a one-time payment that will let you keep the software for life. The full office suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and Teams. Citizen Goods is selling the full suite with software designed specifically for Macs and PCs, so make sure to pay attention to which one you are choosing. The Microsoft Office Suite is vital to so much of work and school today, so being able to own it forever at 85 percent off the listed price could make a major difference across both fronts.

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Suite (Mac)

Down from $350

Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Suite (PC)

Down from $350

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