Lululemon Keep Moving High-Rise Pant Review 2023

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I think I do my best work in sweatpants: there’s no shifting around to avoid weird bunching and pinching, and I just think of the time saved, not needing to iron anything, ever. I think this is what I’ll miss most of all heading back into the office: the freedom of an elastic waistband. But I’m no longer worried because I just found the perfect wardrobe piece to help me transition back to business casual, the Lululemon’s Keep Moving Pant.

My favorite part of athleisure is that it feels free and unrestricted. Unlike jeans or slacks, sweatshirts, and yoga pants don’t cause friction or resistance (and, therefore, no chafing). Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of jeans or twill pants, but there’s a time and place for everything, and some workdays call for a more congenial trouser option.

Lululemon Keep Moving Pant

The Keep Moving Pant begins with the sweatpants staple of an elastic drawstring waistband but tapers down the leg smoothly to an open ⅞ ankle crop with no sporty detailing that you might find in other athletic joggers. They come in ten colors running from dark muted green and blue to lighter khaki and grey tones that would match a spring outfit, and of course, black. Some of my other favorite aspects of Keep Moving Pant are the soft Nulu fabric inner waistband and hidden zipper pockets that are big enough for your keys and credit card.

Even though I’m no stranger to the immense benefits of athleisure and am a sucker for a drawstring waistband, that’s actually not why I sought out this particular item. While the Keep Moving Pants have the breathability and buttery fabric feeling of my past Lululemon Align joggers, I wanted this pair because, with a sweater and some flats, they can easily pass for dress pants.

The Keep Moving Pant has the breathable frictionless comfort I’m looking for and a sleek design that makes me mentally feel like I’m dressing the part without physically feeling like I’m dressing the part. Now it feels like casual Friday is every day.


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