LG Smart Washer and Dryer Review

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Despite what I always say when I’m trying to get dressed, I actually do have a lot of clothes. I also have a lot of pets (nine, to be exact!), so I tend to do my laundry more than the average person. With that being said, doing laundry is probably my least favorite chore. That’s why when LG offered to let me try the brand’s new ‘smart’ washer and dryer duo (sold separately), I was very excited to give it a whirl.

I’ve been using the brand’s two new models, the WM6700HBA washer and the DLX670 natural gas dryer, for over a month now, and I can honestly say that I no longer dread doing laundry—I almost look forward to it. Aside from being stackable (an amazing space-saving feature!), they also operate side by side. You can connect both appliances using the LG ThinQ app, and the dryer will adjust its settings to appropriately match the load detected in the washer. That’s just one of these appliances’ innovative and thoughtful features that transform the chore of doing laundry into simple but high-tech ease. Honestly, the washer and dryer even sound like the calming wave setting on my sound machine—yes, really.

LG WM6700HBA Mega Capacity Smart LG Smart Front Load Washer

Down from $1600

The WM6700HBA washer is equipped with a slew of smart and AI-powered cleaning settings: Normal, AI Wash, Bedding, Delicates, Towels, Quick Wash, Heavy DuKids Weary, AllergieneTM, Perm Press, Tub Swimwear, Clean, Bright Whites™, Rinse+SpinHand/Wool, Spin Only, Active Wear, Kids Wear, Jeans, Dresses, Color Care, Sweat Stains, Small Load, Large Load, and X Large Load. It’s also engineered with AI sensors that detect the soil level for each load, allowing it to clean effectively and in less time.

The washer and dryer are both absurdly energy-efficient, costing approximately less than $20 annually to run each. You can select between a wide variety of modes, and even within each mode, you can customize various aspects of the wash or dry cycle, respectively (temperature, duration, spin intensity, etc.). I was especially fond of the ‘Quick Wash’ and ‘Quick Dry’ features as they allow you to wash and dry relatively small loads without unnecessary waste by adjusting the cycle time, amount of detergent, amount of water, and energy use accordingly.

Even more impressively, both systems come with an AI Detection mode in which the washer and dryer respectively will automatically detect the size and nature of the laundry in the load and adjust their settings accordingly. This duo is even more amazing when paired with the LG Styler (a smart steam closet), which can freshen up all those things you can’t put in the washer or dryer. If you don’t have the Styler, though, the smart gas dryer is also engineered with a Quick Steam function, which steam cleans your clothing, linens, pillows, shoes, etc., in just ten minutes while also reducing wrinkles.

LG DLGX6701B Smart Front Load Gas Dryer With TurboSteam®

Down from $1700

The next-level dryer features a slew of advanced settings and functions, including Normal, AI Dry, Bedding, Delicates, Towels, Quick Dry, Timed Dry, Antibacterial, Perm Press, SteamFresh™, Heavy Duty, Air Dry, Steam SanitaryTM, Super Dry, Low Temp Dry, Overnight Dry, Easy Ironing, Small Load, Large Load Dry, and X Large Load Dry. My favorite feature has to be SteamFresh. It allows me to sanitize my oversized weighted comforter without getting it wet and refresh clothing that needs a bit of wrinkle treatment or a refresh.

It may seem minimal, but the time it saves in doing the laundry is only the beginning; it smells fantastic and gets even the dirtiest clothes clean. I was even able to fully wash and dry my machine-washable Ruggable rug with ease—something my prior washer from the 2000s was entirely unable to handle, sending me to the neighborhood laundromat with its commercial-sized machines.

In addition to the features that allows the pair to communicate with one another, using LG’s ThinQ app, you can even remotely start the appliances with your phone. While it can’t move your recently-washed load into the dryer automatically yet, that’s basically the only thing left in the laundry process you’ll have to do with this pair. Push notifications will alert you when cycles are complete, when you need to clean the dryer vent, and even when you’ve let a wet load of clothes in the washer too long (a feature essential to clean laundry in my house).

Frankly, the features and benefits of this LG smart washer and dryer pair are endless, and while the price tag may be steeper than other manufacturers’ models, when laundry becomes actually enjoyable, you’ll realize every penny was worth it. This truly is the future of doing laundry. Now, if only it could fold them too… !

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