Laura Ingraham Tells Trump to Stop Talking About 2020, It’s Over

Fox News host Laura Ingraham delivered some bold campaign advice to Donald Trump on Wednesday night, as the former president mounts numerous battles that include a possible indictment and an ongoing tit-for-tat with his former pal, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“If I were Trump and running his campaign I’d strongly urge him to stop talking about 2020. It’s over. Enough,” Ingraham said.

“Marinating in old claims of election fraud will not win over a single voter in any state that he needs to win in 2024 and it gives DeSantis an opening to say, ‘Why take a chance on a guy who just complained after the fact about early voting and ballot harvesting, instead of beating Biden on both fronts?’”

Ingraham pulled out a list titled “Laura’s Tips for Trump,” which urged the former president to “explain how you’ll rebuild the economy,” “reassure voters that you can win,” and “run against the Democrats, not the media.”

She advised Trump to “talk less about yourself, more about the American people” and to “assemble the most talented advisers–and probably best to treat them well.”

She told the former president to “run a tight ship” and hire “serious policy people who know how to hit the ground running on day one, no more travel ban fiascos.”

“And run against the Democrats, not the media, we all know the press is biased. Newsflash, don’t dwell on it, deal with it,” she said. “Maybe, just maybe, drop the nicknames and the petty personal stuff,” she said, apparently referencing DeSantis without naming names.

“It was funny in 2016 and even in 2020, but I don’t think it works with how serious the challenges are right now facing the country.”

“Although,” she continued, “I think you should keep ‘Sleepy Joe.’ I like that one.”

Ingraham also offered campaign advice to DeSantis, claiming “he’s going to need to convince voters that he can take the Florida story and win nationally, that he won’t be the guy on election night complaining that he lost because he got cheated. That he’ll win by such a large margin, even sleazy Democrats won’t be able to overcome it.”

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