Jordan Klepper Crashes Trump’s ‘Intimate’ 2024 Campaign Launch

Donald Trump officially kicked off his 2024 presidential campaign this past weekend in South Carolina, so naturally The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper was right there with him to take the temperature of his smaller than usual crowd.

While the event was “originally permitted as a MAGA rally,” Klepper explained that it was “later downgraded to an ‘intimate’ event.” The fans in attendance were equally confused about what it was they were attending and the comedian quickly realized that the “heavily vetted VIPs” included people like “Sombrero Trump” and a whole host of folks who still believe Trump is president.

“There’s a lot of things that this Biden person doesn’t have like the presidential seal,” one older woman in an “I’m a Trump Girl” t-shirt, explained, while her friend suggested that there are “two militaries,” one run by Biden and another real one led by Trump.

“So there’s two militaries?” Klepper asked. “Donald Trump’s in charge of the good one and Biden’s in charge of the bad military?”

The answer he received was, “That’s exactly right.”

Later, other Trump supporters struggled to break down how Trump would handle the situation in Ukraine, for instance, any better than Biden has. “If this is the Trump campaign’s first round of invites,” Klepper concluded, “America is in for a sweet, sweet ride.”

For more, listen to The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper on The Last Laugh podcast.

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