Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Rudy Giuliani’s Latest ‘Embarrassing’ Leak

If you’re Rudy Giuliani, accidental leaks happen—sometimes straight from your head, other times from your ass. This week saw yet another damning leak that has landed Rudy squarely in the hot seat. On Thursday, a judge in the Dominion Voting Systems defamation case sanctioned Fox News for withholding audio tapes during the discovery phase.

“The judge yesterday ruled that Fox was guilty of what they call ‘discovery misconduct’ for accidentally forgetting to turn over audio recordings,” Kimmel said—recordings in which a boisterous Giuliani can be heard admitting that he has not proof to back up the lies he created about the 2020 presidential election being stolen/rigged/a witch hunt.

“[On] one of the tapes, the Trump campaign official says there were no physical issues with the Dominion voting machines,” Kimmel says. “And in another, Giuliani tells Fox News host Maria Bartiromo he can’t actually prove the claims he has made about the election being fixed.”

Clearly, the judge is not happy that this evidence is only coming to light now. But Kimmel has a theory as to how the mix-up occurred in the first place: Trump’s lawyers simply couldn’t figure out which mortifying Giuliani performance they were supposed to send along to the authorities.

“It could have been the one where the oil was leaking from his head,” Kimmel suggested. “Or the one where he’s farting in court. The one where he unbuttons his pants for Borat’s daughter, or it could’ve been the one where he held a press conference outside a dildo shop.” Any one of which would likely de-legitimize anything Rudy has to say in the court’s eyes. (He lost the court of public opinion when his head began oozing an icky black substance.)

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