Jimmy Kimmel Mocks ‘Lackluster’ Trump Protests

“PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST!!!” That was Donald Trump’s directive to his MAGA ride-or-dies last week when he announced that he would be indicted for his hush money payment scheme to Stormy Daniels. But the message came through loud and clear… to about as many protestors as you could fit into a very tiny jail cell at Rikers Island, as Jimmy Kimmel explained.

On Tuesday night, Kimmel surveyed the scene outside of Trump Tower and did his best not to guffaw at the sheer patheticness of it all. “The NYPD is on high alert right now at the New York State Supreme Court Building,” Kimmel explained. “Officers this morning were to suit up and prepare for deployment. A HUGE crowd of protestors gathered to support Trump.”

The demonstration that took place in Midtown Manhattan, Kimmel explained, saw “one lady finally [get] to blow that horn she’s been keeping in her closet for who knows how many years.”

A woman protesting solo and yelling also made quite an impression on Kimmel, who remarked that Trump “may have found his new Secretary of the Interior.”

But Kimmel tried to focus on the positive side of Trump’s unimpressive protestor numbers. “One reason attendance at the rallies might be lackluster is, first of all, a lot of the hardcore protestors are in jail. From January 6. Also, there’s fear among Trumpsters that calls to protest could be some kind of Deep State trap.”

“There’s also been chatter in the Trump discussion groups about driving trucks into Manhattan to jam traffic there,” Kimmel continued. “That’s how you know these characters have never been to New York: You don’t jam Manhattan traffic—Manhattan traffic jams you.”

On Tuesday night, despite Trump’s predictions, the former president had yet to be indicted, though his advisers were “preparing for several different potential scenarios,” according to CNN.

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