Jimmy Kimmel Declares Donald Trump ‘The Dumbest Criminal in the World’

By now, you’ve probably heard that Donald Trump may very well be indicted for his shady financial dealings in paying off porn star Stormy Daniels surrounding their alleged affair. Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t be happier to witness the fallout—even though he knows Trump only has himself to blame. “The truth is, there’s no good reason for Trump to be in any of this trouble,” the late-night host told viewers on Monday night. Kimmel believes that if “Casanobrain had just paid Stormy Daniels the $130,000 himself out of his Pizza Hut money or whatever, he wouldn’t be in this situation.” He added: “So many of his legal problems are based on [Trump] being an idiot,” citing the Jan. 6 riots and his illegal possession of top-secret documents at his home in Palm Beach as two additional, illustrative examples. “In every case, the reason he’s in trouble is because is the dumbest criminal in the world.”

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