Jeanine Pirro Gets Testy Over Trump Docs on ‘The Five’

A discussion about classified documents being found at Mar-a-Lago and at President Joe Biden’s Delaware home turned snippy on Thursday, with The Five co-hosts Jeanine Pirro and Jessica Tarlov getting into a back-and-forth that culminated in Pirro taking offense at her colleague’s demeanor.

Pirro began by mentioning the photograph of classified documents that Mar-a-Lago investigators released in a court filing last August — the same photograph that conservatives like former President Donald Trump himself bizarrely complained about, as if it being staged was evidence of something malicious.

“We…had the layout of the classified documents — these top secret documents — like a narrative, like for a school child. But when it comes to Joe Biden, no narrative. No layout. None of that stuff,” Pirro said, seemingly implying a bias among those tasked with searching the Biden home.

Later in the segment, Tarlov claimed that classified documents at Mar-a-Lago were in greater danger of being wrongfully exposed, given its status as a social club.

“Mar-a-Lago is a place where there are people being entertained. There are parties there every single night, and that was cause for concern about how things were being kept. I understand that Hunter Biden is a big party animal, but it’s not the same thing,” Tarlov said. “President Trump is in a tuxedo all the time, entertaining tons of foreign nationals.”

There was enough separation between the documents and those who shouldn’t get a look at them, insisted Pirro, who asked Tarlov if she has ever been to Mar-a-Lago.

After Tarlov said no, Pirro scolded her. “So then don’t assume! Don’t assume what you don’t know.”

You don’t assume,” Tarlov shot back. Pirro, growing angry, told her, “Don’t point your finger!”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade then stepped in to take Pirro’s side. “[Pirro’s] point is that there’s a residence area and there’s a public area, and the place was locked up. You have no idea what his office looks like if you’re a member of the club,” Kilmeade claimed broadly, as if it’s impossible for Trump to simply invite a loyal, dues-member up there if he wants to.

“Yeah. Fort Knox,” Tarlov added sarcastically, reflecting the club’s history of suspect security measures.

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