Headache Cure Headache Hat Review 2023

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Let’s get straight to the point: I get a lot of headaches. I get migraines, tension headaches, sinus headaches, ponytail headaches, hunger headaches, I-have-children headaches, hormone headaches, jaw-clenching headaches, weather-induced headaches, and inexplicable headaches.

I take prescription meds, over-the-counter meds, and I employ a variety of tactics like stretching, trying to have good posture, mindfulness, pressure points, mouth guards, and wishing on a star. Sometimes, despite my best efforts, I still end up with a headache.

Headache and Migraine Relief Cap

My best friend was visiting for the weekend and I had had a headache for days. It wasn’t debilitating but it was annoying and she saw me popping ibuprofen and rolling my neck around. She told me she was on a video call with someone who appeared wearing a weird, not-very-fashionable purple beanie. When my friend commented on the bold choice, the person told her it was a headache hat.

It works by using a combination of ice pack application and pressure. The ice packs are the moldable, not-too-cold types and are insulated by the fabric of the hat. It fits my large melon tightly—which is good because the pressure all around my head helps alleviate my headache. You can wear it up around your forehead or pull it down over your eyes. I’ve also rested it behind the base of my head when my pain or pressure is at the base of my skull.

I keep my super cool headache hat in my freezer at all times and put it on for about 30 minutes while I work at my desk, watch TV, or parent my loud (but loving) children. It works almost instantly to lessen or completely obliterate my headaches, depending on what caused my pain. I’m very thankful to have found a simple, medication-free solution.

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