Havana Syndrome Might Be Real and It’s Scary as Hell

Journalist Nicky Woolf has spent months looking into the bona fide mystery of what exactly is happening with all of those U.S. diplomats and intelligence operatives reporting brain injuries thanks to some unnamed, futuristic weapon—and come away with the impression that this story, however far-fetched it may seem, may actually be true.

Woolf joined Fever Dreams hosts Will Sommer and Kelly Weill on this week’s episode to talk about his new podcast exploring “Havana Syndrome,” called The Sound.

He explores the first two dozen cases of the mysterious illness—and traces its spread across the world to U.S. embassies and outposts in far-flung places like Hanoi and Vienna.

“I think at the core of this, not to sort of spoil the podcast too much, that there was a real attack of some kind with some kind of intentionality and with some kind of device,” he said. “We also believe that there’s a huge amount of psychogenic transfer going on, especially once it’s in the public domain. The psychogenic hypothesis is that the human brain and the power of suggestion is very strong and can cause physical symptoms.”

Woolf also made the stunning discovery that America already has devices that can cause the symptoms commonly associated with Havana Syndrome.

“The wildest stuff I think has been when we looked into what kind of research has been going on in this kind of field, and we have heard that not only does America possess devices like the ones that could do this stuff that we saw in Havana, but that they’re actively, we’ve heard they have deployed it in the field,” he said.

Then, the hosts discuss Kanye West’s disjointed 2024 presidential “campaign”—and the fact that it appears he’s surrounded himself with neo-Nazis who’ve secured themselves a solid payday whether the troubled rapper’s political career ever gets off the ground or not.

“[Kanye’s] still got a lot of money, and he has to have thought that these grifters were sort of circling him and trying to get money any which way they could,” Weill said. “And it certainly seems like they did.”

Then, in the podcast’s “Fresh Hell” segment, Weill and Sommer discuss the right-wing media’s response to the police custody death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis—and how the outrage machine is instead choosing to gin up the false threat of antifa protesters ready to riot in every metropolitan city center after violence at the hands of cops is exposed.

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