Golden Goose Running Sole Sneakers Review

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Sometimes it takes a little extra time to commit to a New Year’s resolution. I know I’m not alone in needing some encouragement to make some fundamental, needed changes in my life, whether that’s buying a new planner to become more organized, investing in effective beauty products to improve my skincare routine, and ordering a pair of fun, colorful shoes when I want to become more active on a day-to-day basis.

So when I decided late last year to start embracing daily movement into 2023, I began hunting for an athletic shoe that could inspire me to not only stick to and accomplish my fitness goals, but also something fun, functional, fashionable, and something that I would want to wear even when I wasn’t working out. And while for years I was a lover of bright, colorful running shoes from brands like ASICS, my tastes, style, and needs have changed quite a bit over time.

Like many sneaker fanatics out there, I have become a fan of the luxurious Italian brand Golden Goose, so when I found out that this beloved brand also offered a Running Sole Sneaker in their footwear lineup, I knew immediately I had found my New Year’s resolution shoe.

Golden Goose Running Sole Sneaker

Before I go on raving about the Running Sole Sneaker, it’s important to note that despite its name, the Running Sole Sneaker is not actually designed to be a true running shoe. But just because you probably shouldn’t run marathons in them, that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize this sporty shoe to help you get up and get moving every day. If you’re hoping to embrace some gentle daily movement or are trying to adapt to a more active lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with the insanely comfortable, undeniably stylish Running Sole Sneaker.

In terms of fit, the Running Sole Sneaker is much more true to size than its crazy-popular predecessor: the Golden Goose Super-Star Sneaker. While I typically have to go up a size in the Super-Star Sneaker, I wear my usual size (US size 8/38 EU), as opposed to a 9/39 EU in the Super-Star Sneaker.

As if it’s even possible, the sporty Running Sole Sneaker is even more cozy and supportive than the Super-Star Sneaker, especially with its thick rubber sole and elevated heel, which makes you feel like you’re walking on easy terrain. But finding the right fit is super important with the Running Sole Sneaker. Because your heel is elevated, more pressure will be put on the front of your feet, so you’ll want to make sure your Running Sole Sneaker is snug from front to back, so you don’t have unrelenting pressure on your toes and pads.

And while I certainly won’t be running marathons in these high-fashion leather-and-suede sneakers any time soon, they’ve encouraged me to be more active in my daily routine, walking somewhere around 10,000 steps a day in their supportive, soft shell. While I certainly could have slipped my feet into more mainstream fitness shoes like ASICS or CloudFlyers, the Running Sole Sneaker has exactly what I need to gently move my body: function, fashion, and comfort.

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