George Santos’ Treasurer Resigns Amid Campaign Chaos

Rep. George Santos’ campaign treasurer officially resigned on Tuesday, a move that caps a mini-drama surrounding a reported federal investigation into his campaign’s finances and also carries a practical price—without a treasurer, his political committees cannot legally receive donations or make expenditures.

The resignation, which was posted to the Federal Election Commission website along with resignations from his five other political committees, leaves Santos without a treasurer on the same day those committees are required to file their 2022 year-end reports.

Last week, The Daily Beast first reported that, following amended reports that changed the source of $705,000 in what were previously described as loans from the candidate’s “personal funds,” the campaign erroneously named a new treasurer who had already declined the job.

That treasurer asked the FEC to refer the case to the Department of Justice for a criminal investigation into the false filing, The Daily Beast first reported.

The DOJ is reportedly examining Santos’ campaign activity, following reports that have called into question the source of his loans, as well as bizarre spending patterns.

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