Funny Gag Gifts

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“Gag gifts” are off-beat (typically relatively inexpensive) gifts intended to evoke laughter and maybe even comical disgust—the good old-fashioned whoopie cushion instantly comes to mind. They make awesome stocking stuffers, fun white elephant gifts, and just awesome gifts for those who have a solid sense of humor or just simply live for a prank.

I mean, life’s too short to take yourself too seriously (when appropriate) why shouldn’t this motto apply to gifts? Scroll through below to check out our gag gifts to gift this year.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Was $19.99

St. Nicolas Nic Cage Ornament

Meowijuana Catnip “Joints”

Remote Control Fart Machine

An upgraded whoopie cushion.

Pipedream Lil’ Dick In the Box

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