Fox News Finds a Reason to Be Mad at Louis C.K.

If winning the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album last spring didn’t cement Louis C.K.’s post-#MeToo comeback, then getting attacked on Fox News for something that has nothing to do with his admitted history of sexual misconduct almost certainly will.

On the heels of a big headlining stand-up show at Madison Square Garden this weekend, Louis C.K. went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and made some jokes about immigration that already have Fox News commentators up in arms.

He began with a “both sides” message that painted conservatives as “racist” and liberals as “stupid” when it comes to the border before offering up a deliberately provocative suggestion on how to solve things.

“My feeling is they should open it, the border, let everybody pour in,” Louis C.K. told Rogan. “And then the answer will be, ‘Well. then there will be all these problems.’ Yes, there should be. It shouldn’t be so great here, is what I’m saying, in America.”

He went on to say that America shouldn’t “sequester” itself in a “gated community” that keeps people out, adding, “There’s a lot of people that die so Americans can be safe.”

Speaking on America’s Newsroom Friday afternoon, Fox News contributor Douglas Murray said he “admires” Louis C.K. as a comedian before adding, “but he’s not a migration expert.”

Murray proceeded to seemingly miss the entire point of Louis C.K.’s commentary, suggesting that we already have a “fairly open Southern border” in the U.S. and listing off all of the supposed problems that have come with that.

“You either have a country or you don’t” Murray said. If Louis C.K.’s fully “open borders” idea came to pass, he added, “It wouldn’t just be bad for a little time, it would be bad very fast and then over.”

“So, as I said, he’s a very funny guy, but not a thinker,” he concluded.

The show’s anchor Bill Hemmer, who previously celebrated Louis C.K.’s Grammy win by declaring that “cancel culture has been canceled,” seemed to agree, dismissing “open borders folks” who think people should just “be able to go from third world to first world without complication.”

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