Florida Lawyer Steve Cozzi Vanishes on Office Bathroom Break

A Florida lawyer has vanished under chilling circumstances: blood reportedly found in the office bathroom where he was last headed.

Steve Cozzi seems to have disappeared from his workplace, Blanchard Law in Largo, on March 21, leaving behind his phone, wallet, and keys.

“As a family, we are frantic with worry and numb with fear over Steven’s disappearance,” Cozzi’s mother Lois said in statement to WFLA.

“The outpouring of love and support from people who know and care for Steven has brought some comfort,” she added. “Right now, we need information and facts.”

Cozzi’s husband posted photos of the couple to Facebook.

“My husband, the love of my life is missing since Tuesday. I will not stop until we bring him home,” Michael Steven Montgomery wrote in one post. In another, he said, “I am going to find you.”

Law firm employees told WFLA they found blood in the office bathroom and smelled bleach. Police have not commented on that, but the bathroom was covered in fingerprint dust last week as detectives looked for clues.

Police said only that Cozzi was missing under “suspicious circumstances.”

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