Elizabeth Holmes Bought One-Way Ticket to Mexico After Conviction, Prosecutors Say

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes tried to flee the country after she was convicted on four fraud counts last year, prosecutors alleged in a court filing on Thursday.

The filing came in response to Holmes’ request to remain out of prison pending her appeal.

“Contrary to Defendant’s assertion that she has a ‘flawless record with U.S. Pretrial Services,’” the filing stated, “the incentive to flee has never been higher.”

Officials say they learned on Jan. 23, 2022 that Holmes had purchased a one-way ticket to Mexico. “Only after the government raised this unauthorized flight with defense counsel was the trip canceled,” the filing claimed.

It continued: “The government anticipates Defendant will note in reply that she did not in fact leave the country as scheduled—but it is difficult to know with certainty what Defendant would have done had the government not intervened.”

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