Bowen Yang Nails Lying Drag Queen George Santos on SNL

Saturday Night Live opened its first episode of 2023 with an NFL post-game show. But the real star was Fox’s newest sideline reporter: Bowen Yang as Congressman George Santos.

“Now George, first of all, congrats on an amazing career,” James Austin Johnson’s Jimmy Johnson said. “I didn’t even know you played football, but I see here you were the first player to lead the league in passing and rushing.”

“That’s correct,” Santos replied. “I’m sort of the real Bo Jackson. And I’m proud to be the first African-American quarterback to ever dunk a football.” After taking credit for the Philadelphia Eagles 38-7 victory over the New York Giants, he made sure to tell viewers that he definitely “didn’t do drag in Brazil under the name Kitara Ravache.” But “whoever did, though, was very, very good at it and won many, many pageants.”

Moments later, Yang reappeared, this time in full drag. “I’m not George, I’m Kitara Ravache!” he declared before sharing his “real stats,” which included “infinity wigs snatched” and “the award for tightest tuck.”

“Now I’ve rewritten the Fox football anthem, which I’m allowed to do because my mother died twice on 9/11!” he concluded before delivering an impassioned “live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

Meanwhile, earlier on Saturday the real George Santos seemed to take back his initial drag queen denial, telling TMZ, “I was young and I had fun at a festival.”

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