Birddogs vs. Chubbies Review 2023

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In what is starting to feel like an eternal summer of sweltering heat, owning breathable and cool shorts is absolutely mandatory. With that in mind, having a pair of athletic-style shorts that are still stylish enough to be worn casually is like finding the holy grail. There are two prominent companies that both offer exactly this: Birddogs and Chubbies. The question then becomes, which pair of shorts is actually better? Luckily for you, I tried them both, and here is what you need to know.

First things, first, the two shorts I tried specifically from each company were the Coach Cockburn Gym Shorts from Birddogs and The Greeneries Sport Shorts from Chubbies. Each of these shorts are designed for active use as well as casual wear around. Both shorts have an interior liner and are made of flexible and breathable materials. The shorts have an inseam that is just half an inch different in length and a price tag within two bucks of one another.

Style and Design

When it comes pure to the look of the shorts, both are pretty similar to one another. The Birddogs shorts are just slightly longer with a six-inch inseam while the Chubbies have a 5.5-inch one. On the outside, the Birddogs shorts have just a slightly wider fit and thicker seams on the bottom of the shorts. Additionally, while the designs I chose were heather grey and forest green, both Birddogs and Chubbies have a massive variety of colors and patterns you can choose between with 21 and 20 different options, respectively.

One small advantage that Birddogs has is the sheer number of nifty zipper pockets you can store things in. Having those couple extra pockets to sneak your wallet or keys into always makes a difference to me because I almost never carry a bag with me, so the pockets are all I’ve got.

Birddogs Coach Cockburns Gym Shorts

Probably the most important point for each pair of shorts is how well they both work with a number of different outfits. During my time with each pair, I’ve worn the shorts to the gym, with a t-shirt at a friend’s apartment, and even with a button-down shirt for a weekend brunch. Both the Chubbies and the Birddogs are surprisingly versatile and really do serve as viable options for a ton of different outfits without looking out of place.

Fit and Feel

Between the two pairs of shorts, the longer length and wider cut of the Birddogs was just not perfect for my body type. The shorts, despite being my size, felt a little bit baggy on my legs. On the other hand, the slightly shorter and more form-fitting Chubbies shorts fit me just about as well as any pair of shorts I’ve ever worn. While obviously, this is far more up to your own body type and preferences, I felt like the Chubbies shorts looked much better on me than the Birddogs.

Chubbies The Greeneries Sport Shorts

When it comes to feel, Chubbies are ever so slightly stretchier and a bit thinner as well. Birddogs are slightly sturdier, though both have clear flexibility and breathability. The biggest difference in feel comes from the interior liners. While both are relatively comfortable, the Chubbies interior liner felt very tight on my legs while the Birddogs shorts were still snug but less restrictive. I will point out though that while the Birddogs liner felt better on my legs, the Chubbies liner does have a festive and floral design on it that does add a fun touch to it.

Final Conclusions

Look, I can’t really tell you in good conscience that one pair of shorts is seriously better than the other. The Birddogs are a bit sturdier and have a slightly wider fit to them while the Chubbies are more form-fitting and flexible. I liked the Chubbies just slightly better, but I also have skinny legs that could use a little less space. A lot of what is going to set the two pairs apart for you is your own body type and personal taste. That being said, if you want something more sports and fitness-focused, the Birddogs Coach Cockburns Gym Shorts are the answer. If you want something that is sporty but can be worn casually, I’d lean toward the Chubbies Greeneries Sport Shorts.

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