Best Neck Support Travel Pillow Amazon 2023

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While many might find themselves having trouble going to sleep while traveling, I rely on being able to rest on the plane, car, or train. I’m bicoastal and frequently split my time between Los Angeles and New York, which means tons of flights are on my yearly agenda. It’s all fun and games until I wake up with a sore neck after taking a nap on a long and uncomfortable trip. Despite this, a travel pillow is just one of those travel accessories I’ve never viewed as a must-have simply because it never seemed to get the job done. Well, I found an option that might have made me a convert, and I’m here to share the wealth of information.

The Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow has made a splash on Amazon and is currently in the top five best-selling travel pillows sold on the site. It’s kind of a big deal in a market selection as vast as the online retailer holds. So what makes this travel pillow so different you might be asking? This cozy neck pillow is made out of fleece and isn’t like your average airplane pick, instead, it features a hidden internal neck support that is meant to be wrapped around your neck to support your head in an ideal sleep position.

Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow

This pillow also has a patented design that fits any neck shape, jaw, and shoulders. Anything that makes me catch some Z’s quicker is much appreciated and taken.

On TikTok, users have been raving about their own experience using the pillow dubbed a “game changer.” “I’m not kidding when I tell you that this saved me on both my flights to and from Europe,” one TikToker said. “Yeah, maybe I looked like I was wearing a night brace but you know what? I’m never going to have to because my head won’t be bopping on airplanes.” We’ll just describe it as a big warm cocoon hug for your neck.

In short, it’s like your favorite scarf. Now, imagine said scarf acting as a cushion under your jaw that feels soft to the touch and helps you acquire the deepest of sleep—voila! And, if you’re like me and use your AirPods during flights, you might find yourself waking up to one of the earbuds randomly lost on the ground. This neck support pillow is compatible with headphones and earphones, but be sure to put the headphones on first, then wrap them. Doing so might even save you from losing your earphones entirely after a snooze fest (R.I.P. to my first AirPods). As an added bonus, it’s also machine washable so long as you remove the inner support.

Need we say more? Snag it now before your next trip.

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