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When someone has a passion in their life, be it their diehard devotion to fitness, a lifelong knitting hobby, a super soft spot for books, or whatever other interest that compels them, it can be hard to find a gift that will genuinely complement that interest. At least, it can be hard to find something said person does not already have. However, if a person’s interest is food, finding a great foodie gift isn’t as hard as you might think.

The food world is absolutely bursting with cool kitchen gadgets, unique and interesting cookbooks, with spices, sauces, and rubs, and, long story short, with all sorts of foodie gifts that even the experienced and accomplished home chef probably won’t have tucked away in his or her kitchen.

That said, we’re also confident that once your food-loving friend, family member, or S.O. has used some of these foodie gifts, they will never want to be without them again.

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Sure, one can use the same oil for cooking, dressings, for baking, and so on, but one can also do much better. And with this trio of specially-blended oils, one will. See, each one of the oils in this three-bottle set from Chef’s Life was designed for a specific use, such as cooking (the bottle that says “USE THIS OIL FOR COOKING”) or dressings (“USE THIS OIL FOR BLENDING”). These oils take the entire cooking process up a notch.

Fly by Jing Salsero Gift Set

This game-changing Sichuan Chilli Crisp condiment is a favorite of several of our editors. You can put it on just about anything, whether it be pizza, eggs, or even ice cream, and it will boost the flavor. This premium gift set includes the best-selling chili oil, as well as an artisan-designed wooden spoon and tray.

Stella Falone Reversible Cutting Board

There are cutting boards, and then there are Stella Falone cutting boards much the same way as there are midsize four-door family sedans, and then there are Ferraris. The large, lovely, durable, and sustainable cutting boards this brand makes will replace any other wooding cutting/serving board your foodie friend has. No wonder the wood is so good, given that Stella Falone is a sister company to Taylor Guitars, makers of some of the finest acoustic instruments on the planet.

AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener

The finest chef’s knife from Victorinox or Wüsthof or wherever is worth little if it’s not sharp, and indeed even the best knives dull quickly with heavy use. Fortunately, with this easy-to-use counter-mounted knife sharpener from AnySharp, just a few passes is all it takes to restore that razor-sharp edge on that home chef’s favorite slicing, dicing, and chopping tools.

Ooni Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven

Down from $868

Ever wonder how pizza places make such great eat? Sure, the dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings all matter, but you can get great ingredients at home, too. What you usually can’t get is proper heat. But with an Ooni pizza oven, temperatures as high as 950º Fahrenheit mean a perfectly cooked pizza every time, and one cooked in 60 seconds flat, too. Seriously.

Fiswife Tinned Fish Holiday Trio

Tinned fish may seem like an odd choice for a holiday gift, but trust us: this brand is the talk of the town in culinary circles at the moment. Fishwiffe’s responsibly sourced tinned fish are perfect for eating alone or used in other recipes. Plus, the brand’s recently-launched holiday trio sets are ultra-giftable.

Blue Circle Hardwood Cold Smoked Norwegian Salmon

Pricey? Well… yes. But this is also probably going to be the best smoked salmon your gourmand friend has ever eaten—or at least the best that you can order for delivery! Rich in flavor and healthy omega-3s and free of antibiotics or additives, this smokey, salty, tender fish will be the talk of the brunch, luncheon, or dinner party. That is, if your foodie friend is even willing to share.

Brim Temperature Control Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Rare but welcome are those times when a product manages to both look great and work wonderfully, but this kettle from Brim sits squarely at that happy intersection. It will bring a cup of water to boil in less than a minute and it can keep water at any temperature from room temp to just below boiling for extended periods, and it looks lovely there on the counter while it does its thing.

Not only is this book filled with genuinely good recipes, but they are dishes that even younger and inexperienced chefs can genuinely handle—perhaps with a bit of an assist from mom, dad, grandma, or whoever else is in the kitchen, too. The book is a great way to open the world of cooking to junior chefs and to create opportunities for shared family experiences.

KEEMAKE Paring knife Japanese

All too often the big, showy knives get all the attention. But while that eight-inch chef’s knife or long bread knife or whatnot may be great for many uses, no kitchen is complete without a fine paring knife. And that’s certainly what this is: razor-sharp, balanced, durable, and even elegant, this 4.5-inch paring knife is ideal for all sorts of finer precision cuts.

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