10 Best New Movies and Shows Coming Soon

While Netflix campaigns All Quiet on the Western Front for Best Picture—a film you should watch if you want to brag to your friends about having seen all the nominees—the streamer has a smattering of new, more comforting shows and movies coming out this month. Well, except for You. Anyone who watches You as a feel-good show…we have some questions.

Other than that, the streamer is ringing in the month of love with a brand new romantic comedy and some new reality dating sagas to watch just in time for Valentine’s Day. Check out Your Place or Mine with Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher—what great casting! We’re also getting a reunion for Love Is Blind Season 3 and, better yet, a mash-up of every Netflix reality series in one big dating show, Perfect Match.

Netflix has some comedies in store, too, including a spinoff of On My Block and a new horror comedy starring Stranger Things’ David Harbour. There’s also a docuseries about a millionaire dog coming out in February, and although it’s not officially billed as a “comedy,” we’re hedging bets on plenty of hilarious discourse around the show.

Before you see our recommendations, check out what else is coming to Netflix in our full list of titles—including La La Land! Here’s what Netflix originals we’re looking forward to watching in February.


Released Feb. 1

Netflix is starting February off with a BANG. Gunther’s Millions follows a millionaire dog. Did you even realize that was possible? Gunther VI, a German Shepherd with a $400 million inheritance, also has a weird cult following with a flurry of folks who want to clone him and create miniature Gunthers. Man’s best friend has a new meaning, and it’s starting to get really weird. Netflix killed it with past docuseries like Cheer and Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?, so we’re expecting this to be a wild thrill ride.


Released Feb. 2

On My Block has been over for quite some time now, but Netflix is capitalizing on the show’s success with a brand new spinoff coming out this February. Though it sounds like it could be a Chris Hemsworth action film, Freeridge is actually another comedy following four new stars (including Abbott Elementary’s Keyla Monterroso Mejia) in On My Block’s hometown called, you guessed it, Freeridge.


Released Feb. 8

Oscar-nominated documentarian Sam Pollard takes on Bill Russell in his new film, which is set to follow the NBA star with intimate interviews, archival footage, and other details from his life. Russell, who passed away in July 2022, was an NBA superstar with a gold medal, but he also was a fierce advocate for civil rights, and the doc is set to weave through both of these aspects in his layered life.

YOU Season 4, Part 1

Released Feb. 9

Penn Badgely used his creepy Joe Goldberg voice from You to narrate videos of strangers in bookstores to promote last season, and I haven’t stopped thinking about how creepy it is since. Luckily, the stalker is finally getting a taste of his own medicine in this new season of the hit Netflix thriller. Yes, Joe Goldberg is being stalked. We’ll miss Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), so hopefully You has something new and spicy in store to replace her.


Released Feb. 10

The most anticipated—or rather, my most anticipated—Netflix movie coming in February is a Reese Witherspoon/Ashton Kutcher rom-com. Your Place or Mine stars the beloved actors in a bicoastal, The Holiday-esque romp, in which the pair swap homes in New York and Los Angeles to try to find love in both cities. The real twist, of course, is that these two “best friends” actually love each other, like a long-distance version of When Harry Met Sally.


Released Feb. 10

Plenty of controversy surrounded Love Is Blind Season 3, and after waiting three long months to get an update, we’re finally getting this season’s installation of After the Altar. Bartise, who was super controversial this past season, has already signed on for another Netflix dating production. (It’s called Perfect Match, see below.) Needless to say, the cast will have plenty to talk about.


Released Feb. 14

The best and brightest Netflix reality stars are all coming together for Perfect Match, aka the wise man’s Avengers. Stars have bounced from show to show—Chloe Veitch, for example, was a favorite from Too Hot to Handle who became even more beloved on The Circle—but they never have appeared on one big dating show together. If you’ve tuned in for Love is Blind, The Circle, Too Hot to Handle, The Ultimatum, or love mess, Perfect Match is the show for you.


Released Feb. 22

As the trial against Alex Murdaugh—who is currently accused of murdering his family in cold blood—is underway, Netflix is releasing an entire true crime series on the tragedy. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal follows the powerful South Carolina family and the potential money laundering to distribute drugs around the country. While you watch the series on Netflix, be sure to follow the ongoing trial as new updates come in.


Released Feb. 23

Chase Stokes may be the lead of Outer Banks, but all eyes are on Madelyn Cline as we head into Season 3 after her wonderful breakthrough performance in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Plus, the real life couple broke up while filming the third season, so there may be some juicy drama that comes out of the woodwork as the new episodes are unveiled. Will it be as thrilling as the drama on the show itself? Maybe. Probably not.


Released Feb. 24

From The Watcher to The White Lotus, Jennifer Coolidge can’t escape creepy mansions and houses, and We Have a Ghost is no exception. The star returns to Netflix for this new horror comedy, which follows a family who strike up a deal with a ghost living in their place after they use him for viral internet success. TRUE STORY: A ghost haunted me and I got one million subscribers!

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